Our Business

Purveyors International was established in 1991 by Robin Johnson.
The team at Purveyors sources quality farm produce when and from where it is in season to supply to the customers.

In 1998, Robin established joint ownership in an asparagus farming and packing company in Bayles, Victoria to produce for the world markets.

Outside of Australia, Purveyors works with packaging houses in China, India, and Holland, and commissions them to pack produce for specific Asian and European retailers.

Our Service

Purveyors has been able to maintain a high level of service to its customers since its inception.

The principal features of its operations are:

1. A fast response to global market conditions: Purveyors has a global business network that enables the company to be proactive in its delivery and pricing programs in relation to changes in market conditions.

2. An ability to create market demand with branded products: Purveyors has developed its own brands of produce to satisfy the marketing needs of individual importers in the same country. "Que", "Bon", and "R & A" are well-known brands of quality fresh produce in the countries where they are marketed.

3. A consistency in the quality of its produce: Purveyors works with growers and packers with either HACCP or EurepGAP accreditations who recognize Purveyors' stringent purchase requirements.

4. A global orientation: Purveyors is multi-national in its orientation and is sympathetic to the cultures and business etiquette in the countries where it conducts business.

5. An ability to supply to market demand: Purveyors keeps itself in the forefront of market trends, and is able to supply products that are customized in their specifications for particular markets and end-use outlets.